Grant Application

Our Grant Programs

Time to Give Back will reserve a portion of its funds to provide grants and donations to non-profits, community organizations or individuals for cultural,  or educational purposes.  As well as  medical missions or international humanitarian projects that align with our mission. All grant recipients must have tax-exempt status registered as a nonprofit organization. Grant can only be used for the intended purposes as stated in the grant application.  Our grant applications will be processed and approved at our annual board meeting.  Announcement of approved grant recipient will take place at our annual Dinner with Santa in December.

Pre-grant Inquiry

This process will help us understand the purpose of the grant being requested.  All necessary and  required information must be submitted along with your application.  The Advisory Committee will verify, review and make a recommendation to the Board for a determination.

Post-grand Reporting

This will help Time to Give Back understand or measure the impact of our grant programs and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the success and continuation of the program.


Donation is given for charitable purposes and to benefit a cause, submitting a letter of request is sufficient.